Tourist Travel Themes

Tourist Travel Themes

Tourist Travel Themes  Tourist Travel Themes  Tourist Travel Themes

India is like a treasure chest in terms of tourism and is full with various glittering tourist places. However every traveller have their own preferences and taste.

Some find fun in adventure and wildlife, some are fascinated by history and monuments, some just want to relax, some want to trek on the hills, some want to chill at the beaches, some want to explore the unexplored. The list of choice and the options to travel are endless.

So for convenience of a tourist, we have provided the ease to search travel destinations with various travel themes in Beautiful India.

A particular travel theme contains locations classified State-wise. A traveller can decide the travel destination as per his interest and decide which place in which State he wants to explore.

Choose your travel theme from the below given list and get to know the travel destinations under your theme of interest.


Heritage & Historical


Birds / Animals

Hilly Stations

Picnic Points


Honeymoon Locations


Bodh Holy Places, Pilgrims and Temple

Jain Holy Places, Pilgrims and Temples

Sikh Holy Places, Pilgrims and Gurudwaras


Indian Borders

Trekking Points

Christians Holy Places, Pilgrims and Churches

Muslim Holy Places, Dargah & Mosques

Safari and Rides

Deserts and Sand Dunes


Water Falls

Developed India

Jyotirlings (ज्योतिर्लिंग)

Forest & Wildlife


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