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Indian Tourist States : Indian nation is divided into 29 States and 7 Union Territories. All the states generally divided on the basis of culture and language  prevalent in that part of India / area. Each State has something in store for the tourists and travelers. Here is a list of all Indian Tourist States including Union Territories of India. Please click here under to select any one State you desire to travel for an extensive list of tourist places in that State and brief information on those places.

India can be conveniently divided in to five zones. For the convenience of tourists, we have divided complete India in five (5) zones – Northern India, North-eastern India, Western India, Central India and Southern India. Now, any tourist can plan for more than one states falling in one particular zone.

If  tour route is planned zone-wise, that tourist will enjoy more areas in short time. Tourist will save cost substantially. Therefore, all the tourists are advised to take their route firstly zone-wise and there after state-wise to save the cost and time both.

1. North Indian States

Jammu & Kashmir ,  Himachal Pradesh ,  Uttrakhand , Punjab , Haryana ,  ChandigarhDelhi ,  Uttar Pradesh ,  Bihar   etc. 

2. North-east Indian States

West Bengal ,  Sikkim , Assam , Arunachal Pradesh ,  Mizoram ,  Nagaland ,   Tripura ,  Manipur ,  Meghalaya  etc. 

3. Central Indian States

Odisha, Jharkhand , Chhattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh  etc.

4. Western Indian States

Rajasthan , Gujarat,  Daman & DiuDadra & Nagar Haveli ,  Maharashtra , Goa  etc.

5. South Indian States

Andmaan Nicobar, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh , Telangana , Kerala, Tamil Nadu,  Pondicherry,  Lakshadweep etc.