Tsomoriri – Korzok – Tsokar

Tsomoriri – Korzok – Tsokar

Amazingly beautiful is the Tsomoriri Lake in Korzok. You can call it the twin Lake of Pangong Tso. The shaded mountains and shaded water compliment each other. A fantastic destination for those who love adventure, nature and peace.

Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake

Facts about Tsomoriri Lake:
  1. This sparkling blue salt water lake is around 24 Kms long and 6 Kms wide at its broadest point.
  2. The lake freezes during winters and starts melting in the last week of April.
  3. Despite being at lower altitude in comparison to other tourist places of Ladakh, the weather in Korzok is freezing. Cold winds worsen the situation.
  4. Low oxygen levels curtail your physical activity.
  5. May to September is the best time to visit Tsomoriri Lake.
Travel and Accommodation Tips:
  1. Tsomoriri do not have great lodging options. If you are planning to visit Tsomoriri, prefer camping here as camps are better than home stays / guest houses.
  2. No restaurants can be found here. Pure vegetarian and jain food is available in guest houses / home stays but it’s just kaam chalau. So if you cannot sleep on an empty stomach please carry your own food.
  3. Electricity is supplied in the village by military camps only from evening 7 pm till night 10.30 pm.
  4. The drive from Leh to Korzok takes around 8 hours. Being a long drive prepare accordingly for fuel and food.
Flora Fauna:

Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve is home to:

  1. Variety of migratory birds – Black Necked Cranes, Bar Headed Goose, Brown Headed Gulls, Black Necked Grebe, etc.
  2. Wild animals like snow leopards and Tibetan wolves
  3. Other animals found here include lynx, marmots, kiang, Goa Antelope, sheep, etc.
  1. Leh – Chumathang – Korzok – 211 Kms (7 hours)
  2. Pangong – Upshi – Korzok – 250 Kms (10 hours)
  3. Sarchu – Korzok –  220 Kms (8 hours)
  4. Leh – Tanglang La Pass – Korzok – 240 Kms (9 hours)

Roads on all the above mentioned routes are majorly in good condition.

Leh – Manali highway does not open until mid May due to heavy snow. So if planning a road trip from Sarchu to Korzok make sure that the roads are open.

Special Advice: If you want to include Tsomoriri Lake in your itinerary then visit Tsomoriri before you visit Pangong Lake. The panorama and water shades are similar to Pangong Lake, so if you visit Tsomoriri later you will find it repetitive and tiresome after the long journey.

Other Places to visit near Tsomoriri Lake:
  1. Korzok Monastery – This 300 year old monastery is located on the western banks of Tsomoriri Lake. Gu-stor festival celebrated here attracts many. Camps are set near the monastery during summer.
  2. Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO)Hanle (150 Kms from Korzok) – It is one of the world’s highest sites for optical, infrared and gamma-ray telescopes. It is operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. It is currently the second highest optical telescope in the world, situated at an elevation of 4,500 meters (14,764 ft). The Observatory has two active telescopes.
  3. Chumathang Hot Water springs (75 Kms from Korzok) – Chumathang Hot Water Springs gives you an example of the harmony in diversity on land. Here you will be astonished to see boiling sulphur water springs on the shores of icy-cold Indus River. The sulphur water aids in curing various skin diseases.
  4. Tsokar Lake – A small yet elegant lake is a must visit if you are visiting Tsomoriri Lake. The surroundings are simply breath taking. Not being popular it is visited by less number of persons. Ambiance here is captivating. Even this Lake freezes during winters and melts only in June.
  5. Puga Geo-Thermal gas spring – Another hot water springs on the route to Korzok via Tanglang La Pass. You cannot go close to these springs like Chumathang Hot Springs but can sight them from approx 100 mtrs away.
  6. Thukje Monastery – A tiny monastery on a hill in Thukje village welcomes visitors. Tourists visiting Tsokar Lake stop by the monastery to take blessings.
  7. Tanglang La Pass – The 3rd highest pass in the world is definitely a must visit. The journey from start to end is please your mind, body and soul.
  8. Rumtse – Rumtse to Tso Moriri is a trekking trail which would give one a chance to experience the beauty of Rupshu Valley to a great extend. Rumtse to Tso Moriri will take one through Kyamar, Tisaling Nuruchan and Korzok village on the way.
Route Map:
Non – editable Route Map

Tsomoriri and Surroundings route map

Editable Route Map
Photo Gallery: 

Chumathang Hot Water Springs

3 idiots shooting point Chumathang Hot Water Springs IMG_2474

Tsomoriri Lake

Tsomoriri Lake Semi Frozen Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake Tsomoriri Lake

Korzok Monastery

Korzok Monastery

Puga Geo Thermal Gas Springs

Puga Geo Thermal Gas Springs

Frozen Tsokar Lake

Frozen Tsokar Lake Frozen Tsokar Lake

Tanglang La Pass – Leh Manali Highway

IMG_2818 IMG_2862 IMG_2880


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