Pangong Tso Lake – Facts and Tips

Pangong Lake – Extreme Beauty

Pangong Tso Lake is the height’s of beauty. No scene or view or landscape in all of Ladakh can ever match the beauty of this tranquil Lake. Being here itself gives you such immense joy that you never wanna leave this place (but low oxygen levels and chilly winds forces you to go). Gaze at the various shades of the lake (dark blue – navy blue – cobalt blue- sky blue – emerald – turquoise – green – white – etc) and click amazing pictures to cherish forever.

Pangong Tso Lake IMG_2092 IMG_1687

Interesting Facts about Pangong Lake:
  1. Pangong Lake is around 130 Kms long.
  2. More than 75% of the lake is located in China. Thus only around 30 Kms of the Lake is a part of India.
  3. The width of the Lake is 5 Kms at its broadest point.
  4. It is a salt water lake despite being formed from snow melting from surrounding glaciers.
  5. The Lake changes colors 4-5 times a day.
  6. At a point of time you can check 6-7 shades of blue and green colors in the Lake.
  7. China border is just 60 Kms from Pangong Lake
  8. This Lake became a hot tourist spot after being highlighted in the movie ‘3 Idiots’ (2009). Earlier the no. of tourists travelling to Pangong Lake was only approx 38000 which jumped to 138000 visitors after the release of 3 Idiots.
  9.  Many bollywood, hollywood and South Indian movies are shot here.
  10. People generally do not bath here as the waters are salty and freezing
  1. The lake freezes completely during winters. It starts melting only after mid April.
  2. The climatic conditions are very harsh with cold blowing winds and low oxygen levels. You can expect a snowfall here in summers also.
  3. May to September is the best time to visit Pangong Lake.
Travel and Accommodation Tips:
  1. No petrol pumps are found on route. So make sure to fill up your fuel tanks and also carry some extra fuel as a precaution. (Some local people sell petrol in cans. You can buy from them in case of emergency.)
  2. Travellers are required to obtain Inner Line Permit from the office of Deputy Commissioner, Leh to visit Pangong Tso Lake.
  3. Many people travel to Pangong Lake on bikes. Biking on such roads is quite adventurous and all together a worthy experience.
  4. Many camping sites are developed at Lake. You can choose to reside in any of them as per location and facilities required and as allowed by your budget. Do not expect a 5 Star Hotel here.
  5. The Camps provide electricity only in evening generally from 30 pm to 10.30 pm.
  6. Camps provide decent vegetarian food. Jain preparations can also be made available.
  7. No telephone networks are available here.
Flora Fauna:
  1. This lake is a home to various migratory birds namely Bar-headed Goose, Brahmini Ducks, etc.
  2. Animals like Marmots, Kiang, sheep, yak, etc. can be seen at Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary on the way to Pangong Lake.
  3.  You can enjoy a ride on Yak on Lake side during summers.
  1. From Leh via Changla Pass (175 Kms) 5 hours drive
  2. From Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake (6 hours drive). However this route is less used by tourists. You will hardly see any vehicle on the route. In case of emergency it becomes difficult to get help. Moreover the route is a little risky in comparison to Changla Pass route. However choosing this route saves your 1 Day as you travel from Nubra – Pangong instead of Nubra – Leh – Pangong.

Last but not the least pose for cameras as much as you can as you may not get a chance to be at India’s most beautiful place again and again.

Route Map:
Non – editable Route Map
Leh to Pangong

Leh To Pangong Tso Lake

Editable Route Map
Photo Gallery:

Different Shades of water

Pangong Lake Pangong Lake Pangong Lake  IMG_1689  IMG_1724 Pangong Lake  IMG_1797 IMG_1905 IMG_1910

Bar Headed Goose at Pangong Tso Lake

IMG_1999 IMG_2009 IMG_2040

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