Magical Monasteries of Leh

Top 20 Monasteries of Leh

Buddhism is wide spread in Ladakh and this region is a home to hundreds of small and big Monasteries. These monasteries are not only a place of worship but also the preservers of faith and history. The monasteries of Leh are ancient and the marvelous statues / idols of various Buddhist deities are historic. The perfect rituals, ancient writings, several learned monks, unbelievable architect, numerous prayer wheels and splendid panorama are some of the qualities of the monasteries of Leh. Each monastery has its own significance making it unique. Some monasteries also have museums displaying ancient artifacts.

The fabulous paintings on the walls of the monasteries depicting various stories of Lord Buddha’s life make these monasteries jovial. One can notice colorful and intricate works of art on wood and butter also. The lines of numerous prayer flag of all sizes add more grace to these monasteries.

Monasteries of Ladakh Hemis Monastery IMG_2254 Monasteries of Leh Thiksey Monastery Thiksey

Here is a list of prominent monasteries in Leh along with their distance Leh so that you can plan your itinerary for Leh accordingly.

Serial No. Monastery Distance from Leh

(in KM)

Nearby tourist places
1 Alchi Monastery 60 Likir, Uleytokpo
2 Thiksey Monastery 17 Shey, Stakna, Stok, Hemis
3 Hemis Monastery 40 Chemrey, Stakna, Thiksay
4 Diskit Monastery 120 Nubra Valley, Hunder, Panamik Hotsprings, Samstanling Monastery, Turtuk
5 Likir Monastery 50 Uleytokpo, Alchi
6 Spituk Monastery 7 Leh, Phyang, and surroundings
7 Phyang Monastery 20 Leh, Spituk and surroundings
8 Samstanling Monastery 120 Nubra Valley, Hunder, Panamik Hotsprings, Samstanling Monastery, Turtuk
9 Hanle Monastery 255 Korzok Monastery, Tsomoriri Lake, Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO)Hanle
10 Chemrey Monastery 44 Leh, Hemis, Thiksey, Shey, Stakna, Stok
11 Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery 8 Leh and surroundings
12 Lamayuru Monastery 127 Uleytokpo, Kargil
13 Korzok Monastery 211 Tsomoriri Lake, Chumathang Gas springs, Tsokar Lake, Thukje
14 Stakna Monastery 43 Hemis, Chemrey, Thiksey, Shey
15 Serzang Temple 40 Hemis, Chemrey, Thiksey, Shey
16 Sankar Monastery 4 Leh and surroundings
17 Rizong Monastery 62 Uleytokpo, Alchi, Likir
18 Namgyal Tsemo Monastery 5 Leh and surroundings
19  Basgo Monastery  33  Magnetic Hill, Sangam of Indus and Zanskar, Alchi, Likir
20 Thukje Monastery 149 Tsokar Lake, Tanglangla Pass, Puga Geo-Thermal gas springs

On your visit to any of the above monasteries do not forget to roll the prayer wheels. These prayer wheels have various mantras inscribed on them. It is believed that rolling a prayer wheel is equivalent to chanting the mantra inscribed on them. (Note: Always roll the prayer wheels clock-wise)

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