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Birla Temple Pilani Chirawa (2) Shiv Ganga Pilani

Pilani – Chirawa

About Pilani – Chirawa Pilani is a name you can hear from people worldwide. Popular for Birla Institution of Technology Science (BITS), Pilani has tourist places which will make your trip memorable.Chirawa only 18 Kms from Pilani is another tourist place which is worth visiting. The lovely fresco painted Havelis of Chirawa will make you fall in love with this place.
Places to visit in Pilani – Chirawa


1. Birla Museum and Haveli – It was the 1st science museum of India. The Museum exhibits working models, gadgets, scientific instruments, diagrams, charts, photographs explaining different principles of science. This museum is worth visiting.

2. BITS  – BITS , one of the premier education institutions of India is worth visitng. The campus has structures with a combination of modern science and traditional heritage.

3. Saraswati Temple – Temple of Goddess Saraswati is very famous in Pilani. Located in the campus of BITS Pilani, this temple is constructed using marble. The temple is divided into 5 sections showing the human life-cycle from birth to death. Idols of known philosophers, saints and scientists are abode the exteriors of the temple.

4. Panchvati – Panchvati is a lush green area with trees, shrubs and plants of vivid types and idols of Lord Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman are placed in its center to recreate the forest Panchvati where Lord Ram lived during his exile. It is a serene place to spend the evening.

5. Shiv Ganga – This beautiful park is surrounded by a 400 m canal and an idol of Lord Shiva is placed in the center. Located in the campus of BITS Pilani, the main visitors of this park are the students and local residents of Pilani.

6. Other places to visit in Pilani – Saraogi Haveli, Dada Haveli, Birla Talab.


7. Pandit Ganesh Narayan’s Temple (Bawaliyo Pandit ) – Ganesh Narayan was a saint who meditated in Chirawa. He had blessed Ghanshyam Das Birla of the Birla Empire to be richest in India which did happen

8. Havelis – Chirawa is famous for the splendid Havelis and admirable Fresco paintings that adore the walls of the Haveli. Some of the popular Havelis of Chirawa are  Rai Bahadur Suryamal Tulshan Haveli, Namani Havelis, Duli Chand Kakarania Haveli, Bhola Ram kakarania Haveli, Phool Chand Dalmia Haveli, Mangal Chand Dalmia Haveli, Tara Chand Keshardeo Dalmia Haveli, Sekhasaria Haveli, Manohar Lal Vaidhya Haveli, Nandlal Dalmia Haveli etc.

9. Other places to visit in Chirawa – Kakarania Well, Sekhsaria Well, Poddar Well, Gugoji’s temple, Jain Temple in Shrimalo ka Mahal, etc.

Best season to visit  August to April. Summers are too hot, so avoid
Shopping Peda (sweet) of Chirawa are world famous
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Connectivity Airport: Jaipur (Rajasthan), Delhi

Railway Station: Chirawa, Loharu (Passenger Trains), Jaipur, Delhi (Major Station)

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Special Notes  Pilani is the hometown of Birla’s, one of the richest industrialists of India.

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