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Lakshadweep Tourism Lakshadweep Tourism Lakshadweep Tourism

Lakshadweep Tourism

About Lakshadweep Lakshadweep Tourism – The smallest Indian Union Territory comprises of a group of 36 islands of which only 10 are inhabited. The beauty of this untouched and unexplored island will take your breath away. Crystal clear waters with shades ranging from palest aquamarine and turquoise to deepest sapphire, creamy white sand, exotic beaches adorned with coconut palms, water sports and adventures, the tranquil atmosphere makes Lakshadweep a getaway you will cherish forever.


Places to visit in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Tourism

1. Agatti Island – With mesmerizing coral reefs and stunning lagoons Agatti Island are renowned to have the best beaches in India. This island is a virtual gateway to Lakshadweep Islands.

2. Amindivi / Amini Island – This is the first human inhabited island in Lakshadweep. The island is famous for coir products. Beautifully crafted products from shells of tortoise, coconut and hard coral stones are some important artifacts available here.              

3. Andretti Island – Also known as Andrott Island this is the largest island in Lakshadweep and is located closest to the Indian mainland. This Island is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for architectural works. The Jumaat Mosque housing the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah displays excellent work of architect. Buddhist archeological remains and a light house are other attractions on the island. Fishing, Coir and Copra industries flourish on the island.

4. Bangaram Island – This tear drop shaped island is beautiful beyond words. Rated amongst must visit places of the World, this uninhabited island with unpolluted environ is a place where all your worries and tension will melt with the sun, sand and the swaying coconut palms.

5. Kadmath Island – This Island is popular amongst tourists for sun bathing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other water activities. The beauty of the island is very captivating.

6. Kalpeni Island – Cheriyam, Pitti and Tillakkam islands together form the Kalpeni Island. This island is bound to stupefy you with its panoramic beauty.  This island is ideal for swim in the shallow sparkling lagoon or a reef walk or snorkeling.

7. Kavaratti Island – Along with being the capital of Lakshadweep, this island is the most developed of all. The beautiful lagoon here hosts various water sports like canoeing, kayaking and snorkeling. A marine aquarium displaying fishes of vivid colours and species but to view marine life at its best, a glass bottomed boat is the best option. A number of mosques are spread across the island, Urja Mosque being the most beautiful of them all.

8. Minicoy Island – This crescent shaped island has the largest lagoons in the region. Besides that the Light House dating back to 1885 is a major attraction on the island. You can climb to the top of this 300 feet high light house and get a bird eye view of the marvelous island. Minicoy Island is an important center for tuna fishing and also famous for its traditional lava dance.

Best season to visit Lakshadweep can be visited throughout the year.
Shopping 1. Pure coconut oil and coconut powder.

2. Fish Pickles

3. Coir Products

Hotels & Accommodation
Connectivity Airport: Kochi (Cochin)

Ship: Mumbai and Kochi (Cochin)

(Helicopter Service is also available)

Tour Planner / Guide
Special Notes A permit is required to visit Lakshadweep for all tourists (including Indians). After permit, Indians are permitted to visit all islands, however, even after permit, foreigners are permitted to just visit Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat Islands. Permits can be obtained from Kochi itself.

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