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Chandigarh – Places to visit

About Chandigarh Chandigarh is not only the capital city of Punjab and Haryana but is also a Union Territory of India.

Chandigarh is the first planned city of India.  Architect Le Corbusier (French) had planned the city. This city has been awarded titles of ‘City Beautiful’, ’Green City’, ‘Cleanest City’ and ‘Modern face of India’.

The beauty of this city attracts tourists throughout the year.

Places to visit in Chandigarh

Tourist Attractions in Chandigarh

1. Capitol Complex – Capitol Complex is an amazing work of architect by Le Corbusier. Presently it is used as seat of Government of Punjab and Haryana. The campus comprises of 3 buildings set against the Shivalik Hills – The Secretariat, the High Court and the Legislative Assembly. Other than these there are many other works of architecture. 

2. Open Hand Monument – A huge open hand standing 85 feet above ground symbolizing ‘Open to give, open to receive’. The open hand also resembles a flying bird. The hand rotates in air to show the direction of wind. The monument is the emblem of Chandigarh giving a message of peace and harmony. 

3. Martyr’s Memorial – A Memorial to pay tribute to the martyr’s of Punjab partition. 

4. Gardens – This Green City has plentiful beautiful and well maintained gardens. Rock Garden, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Pinjore Garden (Yadavindra Gardens), Botanical Garden, Cactus Garden, Rajendra Park, Bougainvillea Garden, Garden of Fragrance, Hibiscus Garden, Smriti Upavan, Terraced Garden, Topiary Park, Shanti Kunj are prominent ones.

5. Sukhna Lake – This serene lake was also planned by Le Corbusier. It is beautifully located with mountains and forest in its background. It is also home to birds migrating from Serbia and Central Asia in winters. A perfect place to spend your evening strolling around the lake and watch the sun melt in the sky. You can also enjoy boating. It is also the venue for Asian Rowing Championship and many festive celebrations. In the night the reflections of light from surroundings makes the Lake glitter.

6. Chattbir Zoo – Chattbir Zoo is zoological park where you can see hundreds of species of mammals and birds in their natural habitat. Tourists from all across India visit the zoo for the famous Lion safari and to get a glimpse of the Bengal Tigers.

7. Thunder Zone – This is a combination of amusement park and water park. There is something for all age groups. With thrilling rides, amazing water slides and fun for all day long Thunder zone becomes a favourite of all. 

8. Temples – Following is a list of famous temples in and around Chandigarh: Shiva Temple of Saketri, Bhima Devi Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Jayanti Devi Temple, Mansa Devi Temple. 

9. Fun City – It’s not just a water park, but it is believed to be the largest water park of North India. The themes, water rides / slides and pools are sure to drive crazy not only the kids but also the adults. 

10. Tower of Shadows – Another great work of architecture by Le Corbusier. This tower is partially open and airy. This tower is part of Le Corbusier study on movement of the sun. He intended to control the penetration of sun and create low temperature in room during scorching summers. 

11. The Hidden Valley – If you are looking for some adventure and are bored of the hustle bustle of city life then the Hidden Valley is sure to attract you. With activities like camping, trekking, bird watching, horse and camel rides, bungee jumping, mountain biking, rope climbing, swings, rides, games and much more in the lap of Mother Nature, do visit The Hidden Valley for a lifetime experience. 

12. Museums – A. City Museum – This museum displays the evolution of City of Chandigarh.

B. Govt. Museum and Art Gallery – This museum was also designed by Le Corbusier. It houses Gandhara and Hindu Sculptures, Miniature Paintings, Decorative Arts, Coins, Prehistoric Fossils and other Artifacts.

C. Evolution of life Museum – Here you can visualize the evolution of life from unicellular organisms to the biological diversity of today through various paintings. There is also a big reference library storing many useful books.

D. International Doll Museum – Built with the intention to delight kids, this museum is a store house of 250 dolls collected from all over the world. A toy train in the museum add to kids fun.

Tourist Attractions Around Chandigarh

1. Morni Hills – Situated in Ambala District (approx 45 kms) from Chandigarh, Morni Hills is an adventurous location. One can enjoy trekking, rock climbing and adventurous sports. Located amidst the Shivalik Range and surrounded by protected forests, Morni Hills is also a center for bird watching and wildlife experience

2. Nepli – Located near the village of Kansal, this place is a must visit for the lovers of wildlife. In forest cover denser and wilder than those in Kansal, you can spot antelopes, hyenas, jackals, hares and neelgais. Forest trekking is a major attraction here. 

Best season to visit Chandigarh can be visited throughout the year. However August to November are considered best months to visit as the climate is moderate then.
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