Beautiful India

Beautiful India Beautiful India Beautiful India  

Beautiful India

Beautiful India is a diverse nation. You can see diversity in its people, culture, language, food, dress, climate, creation and even in NATURE.

From snow capped mountains to dazzling beaches, from serene monasteries to magnificent Palaces and Forts, from spectacular wildlife and forest region to stunning monuments, from pilgrimages / holy places to party places, from historical India to modern India all you can find here.

India is the only nation with so vast diversity, making it a complete holiday package. It is an ideal destination for holiday for all age groups and once you travel this country the only words you will say are ‘ Beautiful India ’.

India is divided in 29 States and 7 Union Territory. Each State / Territory has something in store for the travelers. Here we have made efforts to classify the travel destinations of India according to the States as well as Travel purpose of the traveler. Brief information and travel tips based on personal experiences have been provided for the prospected travelers.

All of the above information may be available to you from various other places / websites / magazines. What makes this website different from others is ‘Route Map’ provided for each State connecting various tourist places / locations of your interest and much more.


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